It allows you to look at corporate finance from all angles and details

Used for:

1. Reporting

  • Balance sheet, Income statement, Cash flow
  • Up to 5 unique types of reports
  • Quick work with dimensions and filtering by period

2. Planning

  • Financial plans
  • Projects
  • Investment


1. Safety

  • Data protected in the data warehouse
  • Data backed up on 2 independent repositories
  • User authorization via SMS or email

2. Price

  • monthly rental payment

(picture on the last page)

3. Flash deployment

  • After analysis and reconciliation of the data model we can handle the tool within a few hours to set up, create the required assemblies and pass it into a sharp operation

4. Anytime, anywhere

  • Nonstop mobile access

5. Simple operation

  • Control complex functions simply
  • Complex database queries, calculations, but an intuitive application in the foreground

6. Data integration

  • Reporting over master book, stock items, CRM
  • consolidation of data from multiple companies

7. Accounting standards

  • Independent of the type of accounting
  • Czech, IAS / IFRS and US GAAP standards

8. Quick help

  • consultants for data warehousing, finance and accounting, including technical support