Extended service offer

We do not perceive our role in companies only in software and IT management. The decisive factor of a successful client is a properly functioning process.

For this reason, we have decided to expand the range of services in the consulting area. Of course there is cooperation with experts who have been dealing with the problem for a long time and have a long-time experience

Naše nabídka služeb je rozšířena o:

  • Analyzing and optimizing business processes,
  • Inventory management – common, spare parts, project start / run,
  • Production Planning, Production Leveling,
  • Logistics support, purchase support at project start / run,
  • Analysis of “Make or Buy”,
  • Interface Management (Excel, Qlikview) – Data visualization suggestions, KPI suggestions,
  • ERP system development – Knowledge of AS400 / XPPS, SAP, HELIOS,
  • Supplier selection – purchasing strategies, DPOs and Vendor Audit,
  • Possible support in the company – operations, planning, strategy,
  • Value Stream Mapping, Bullwhip Effect, LEAN Logistic,