Helios Orange

Helios Orange is an enterprise information system that you can lean on. It is designed to help with a focus on the flood of data that is related to each business.

Thanks to the large number of specialized modules and the individual settings of each of them, Helios Orange is always tailored to the needs of the company, regardless of its size and industry focus. Helios Orange helps and speeds up managerial decisions that are important in terms of company competitiveness.

Helios enables:

Custom view of data

  • Unlimited number of user-defined reports
  • Filter, sort, group the displayed data to each user

Data source editing

  • Adding your own information to any record
  • The ability to work with data from other systems in Helios Orange
  • View the data of one module in the reports of other modules

Custom functionality

  • Enhancement of custom features that work with other system data
  • Performing functions automatically based on a specific event
  • The ability to integrate plug-ins or custom modules
  • Assembling user-defined modules from the functionality of existing modules


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