More about accounting

Accounting serves as a basis for deciding on the future of the company. Precise accounting is one of the data sources for the efficient management of financial flows and company resources.

We place emphasis on accounting in accordance with current legislation.

We offer 2 cooperation options:

Shared accounting

    • Shared accounting works on the principle of mutual cooperation between the client and the external entity.
    • The client enters the primary documents (invoices, bank statements, cash documents) into the system, we take care of the careful accounting of the documents.


    • Rapid processing of accounting documents,
    • On-line client access to accounting and business information,
    • Documents in client management.

External accounting

    • External accounting is appropriate for companies that are not interested in setting up an accountant position.
    • We will personally accept the documents from you (or secure a secure e-mail) and we will process them at pre-agreed intervals.


    • Time savings,
    • Reducing wage costs and education costs for employees of the accounting department,
    • Elimination of the cost of computer technology and the economic system,
    • Reduction in error due to our many years of experience..